Disassemble PM500 Series Koolair Pumps, How To

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How To Disassemble PM500 Koolair Marine HVAC Seawater Pumps

In today’s video we are here to talk about the Koolair how to disassemble PM500 series pumps and procedures. Applies to both PM500-115 (115 Volt) and the PM500-230 (230 Volt) model.

Simple design easy to disassemble PM500 series pumps. ETL Listed.

  • Remove 4 front housing screws
  • Pull apart the front cover from housing
  • Shaft and washer can be removed from front housing cover
  • Remove impeller, hard carbon bearing may be removed and replaced if needed.
  • Extract front casing oring
  • Remove rear housing from body bracket.
  • Also, another washer between rear casing and bracket
  • 2 rubber grommets, will find them on the post or stuck on the back of rear housing.
  • Unscrew 2 screw on Heavy duty marine based bottom
  • Leaves motor and magnet section still attached to the pump.

Removable Parts

  • Front Housing Screws (4)
  • Front Housing Cover
  • Pump Shaft & Thrust Washer (Inside front housing) comes apart
  • Impeller (Magnetically coupled)
  • O-Ring between front housing and casing
  • O-Ring between rear casing and bracket
  • Marine Base
  • Marine Base screws (2)

There is a wet end kit available for the PM500 Series, part number PM500-WE

PM500 WE