The SPM1000 is a fully submersible magnetically driven pump seawater circulation and also a coolant pump. There is no shaft seal. The pump is epoxy encapsulated, which allows the SPM1000 to run fully submerged in many liquids. May also run in open air for complete moisture protection. The hardened Carbon bushing allows for extended run dry time. This ensures no damage to the pump head. See the parts diagram furthermore for assembly instructions. The impeller also may be trimmed. Only trim to modify flows or compensate for liquids of higher viscosity. The pump is not self-priming and likewise requires flooded suction. The pump consequently has run dry and thermal overload protection.  Continuous duty rated motor. Available limited warranty. Flow curves based on pumping water.

SPM1000 Features & Benefits

ISO 8846 Marine Ignition Protected.
  • Run Dry Protected
  • UL Listed
  • NMMA, USCG and SAE J1171:2016
  • ISO 8846 Marine Ignition Protected
  • Economical March LC-5C-MD Replacement

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