KoolAir Pumps

KoolAir Marine HVAC Seawater Circulation Coolant Pump With Run Dry Capability

About Koolair Pumps

We've been in the Fluid Handling Equipment industry for over 40 years and we’ve seen and contributed a lot to the evolution of pumps for a wide range of applications. So when our customers complained about melted marine AC coolant pumps and the problems they caused, we came up with a solution.

We knew the solution was ‘run dry protection’ so we designed a marine AC coolant pump that could withstand thermal overload in the absence of a liquid flow. With a few design changes, some upgrades in materials, and testing, we created the KoolAir HVAC Cooling Pump.

A KoolAir Pump is a marine HVAC coolant pump that does not get damaged when overheated in the absence of a liquid flow. Most notably, when strainers become clogged, the KoolAir Pump will run for several hours before shutting down. When it cools down, it resumes operations as normal.