KoolAir Pumps

KoolAir Marine HVAC Seawater Circulation Coolant Pump With Run Dry Capability

Koolair Pumps Warranty

Terms & Conditions

  • Koolair Pump offers a warranty coverage of 1 year for manufacturers defects. The coverage does not cover any defects or issues caused by improper installation, setup, or flood damage for open vent motors.
  • Items are eligible for manufacturer's defect warranty coverage for 365 days after purchase date.
  • Returns for warranty inspection will not be accepted if the information below is incomplete or if the pictures/videos provided clearly indicate improper installation, setup or user error. Parts are not accepted for return.
  • Please see our Resource Page for more information and videos for best practices, troubleshooting, and the Do's & Don'ts of Koolair Pumps.
  • After evaluating the information provided below, we will notify you within 24 - 48 hours.